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Aero Credit is a moneylender licensed by Singapore’s Registrar of Moneylenders.

Aero Credit is a legal licensed moneylender in Singapore that offers a wide variety of loan services. We are the approved money lender in Singapore that licensed by the Registrar of Moneylenders, a division of the Community Legal Services Group under Singapore’s Ministry of Law.

As an approved money lender in Singapore, we provide fair rates for our loans and also, 24/7 round the clock service to all our customers. Maximum transparency is ensured to provide you with the best and trusted loan experience. Aero Credit has been a trusted money lender Singapore since 2010. With 10 years of experience under its belts, Aero Credit has expanded and is now offering a wide variety of services to all its customers. Providing them with a fuss-free and authorised money lender services in Singapore.

Engaging in an unlicensed money lender in Singapore is illegal and it could also be dangerous as you are unprotected by the laws of Singapore. As one of the registered money lenders in Singapore, Aero Credit provides a wide range of money lending services that will cater to your specific needs.

As an experienced private money lender in Singapore, we are staffed and managed by an experienced and well-trained professional who pride themselves on providing the highest possible levels of courtesy, flexibility, confidentiality, and service. Your concerns will be heard and taken into consideration as our team will strive our very best to address them in a professional and considerate manner.

Aero Credit is conveniently nestled within City Plaza, along the intersection of Geylang Road and Tanjong Katong Road.

Our products and services

Aero Credit is a personal loan money lender in Singapore and we provide personal loans for those who experienced a sudden spike in expenses or ran into cash-flow issues. As an approved money lender in Singapore We are here to provide you with cash solutions. In situations like these, you will not be able to secure a loan from the bank. That is where a licensed moneylender in Singapore can step in to resolve your issues.

We also offer SME business loans in Singapore. If you ever find yourselves in need of some help and searching for the authorised money lender online in Singapore to help your business to overcome some temporary setbacks or a new or sudden business need , do not hesitate to reach out to us to help you out.

For those that need a small loan to help pay off an unexpected or urgent need, we also offer payday loans where a small loan is offered and it is expected to be paid off on your next payday.

You can also apply for a bridging loan if you need a loan to help assist you in bridging a gap between disposing of an asset and acquiring another asset.

Consolidated loans are also offered to help close credit card outstanding debts or other loans where a payment is due periodically.

As a licensed moneylender, we would need to make a few verifications along with proof that you can make safe and manageable loans. Without a good credit score, it might be difficult for us to approve your loans. Be sure to check out our online enquiry to check if you are eligible for a loan.

Find out more about our Aero Credit, one of the leading private money lender online in Singapore, by clicking here.


Our Services

As a licensed moneylender in Singapore, our services help relieve your financial burdens. From personal loans and business loans to bridging loans and other loans, as well as an eager customer service team, you can be certain that we have a solution ready to help you meet your financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A licensed moneylender is someone who carry out the business of moneylending, approved under Ministry of Law.

According to the law, no one can be a moneylender until they have a licence or are excluded or exempted from the Moneylenders Act.

Exempted moneylenders are individuals who have been specially granted an exemption from holding a moneylender's licence, relying on the government's decision and due to the approval of an exemption application is as required by law.

Trusted Moneylenders are ones’ ideal option for getting cash. If you are a first-time borrower, your understanding of licensed lenders is likely limited. To find the legal and approved moneylender there are some ways. Licensed money lenders (LMLs) in Singapore must be registered with the Ministry of Law. The company name, as well as their licence number and business address, will appear on a list maintained by MinLaw (Click here to access the list of licensed money lender).

Authorised Moneylenders are also barred from soliciting loans through texts or voice calls, so if you are contacted for a loan in these ways, the moneylender is most certainly unlicensed.

Licenced Moneylenders may only advertise their services through the following channels:

  • In business or consumer directories.
  • On the company websites.
  • Advertisements that are put inside of the authorised place of business.

Even if you concerned to a registered moneylender the following unethical acts are prohibited:

  • Use of threatening or abusive language
  • You are being asked for your SingPass ID or password.
  • Requesting that you sign a loan note that is either blank or incomplete.
  • Allowing you to take out a loan without first explaining the terms
  • Withholding any portion of the loan's principal for whatever reason.

Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and residents can apply for loans. Foreigners in Singapore with valid Employment Passes can also get loans from licenced money lenders. But do not trust any private money lenders in Singapore without licence.

When it comes to urgent loans, or personal loans money lenders in Singapore are a viable option to explore because the processes are often faster and less demanding than those at traditional banks.

Aero Credit is a renowned and licenced moneylender in Singapore where you can apply from a personal loan moneylender online, and it is ready to help you manage such circumstances quickly, safely, and affordably.

It's critical to examine whether you'll be able to follow the loan's contractual requirements before borrowing from a licenced moneylender. This is because borrowing money from a licenced moneylender legally binds you to follow the terms and conditions of the moneylending agreement.

Online Enquiry

Very often, it is only when you reach the bank or meet a lender that you are told your credit rating is not good enough for a loan. That can be immensely frustrating when your need for additional cash or extra funds is urgent. Use our Online Enquiry service to find out if you are eligible for a loan — it is easy, and it is fast.