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Know More About Wedding Loan

Marriage is the ideal milestone in life.

Everything can be planned, everything can be prepared. For that perfect day which you have been planning, ever since. From the Marriage Proposal to Wedding Ring. Wedding Ceremony to your Dream Home.

Preparing for the most important day in your life could be fun, exciting and tedious with all the small details to ensure that everything is just perfect. Which boils down to the one final piece of concern. Finance.

A quick search on google “average wedding cost Singapore”, would tell you that the average cost ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 or even $100,000. It largely depends the scale, banquet as well as bridal packages.

Fret not, We are here to assist you to our best capabilities.

At Aero Credit a reputable moneylender in Singapore, our staff are dedicated to ensure that finance will be the last concern while you are planning for your wedding and honeymoon. Aero Credit provides wedding loans which are customised to your flexibility. Monthly Instalments with no hidden cost and no collateral required.

Approach us at your convenience, for a non-obligatory discussion.

What should you consider before taking up a wedding loan

  • Budget
    • Always set a budget and try your best to work within your means.
  • Take some time to discuss with your signifTake some time, sit down and discuss with your significant other
    • It is highly un-advisable to keep mum on long term commitments such as loans.
    • A marriage is the union of two. Trust, Communication and Understanding is of utmost importance.
  • Consider and Research
    • Do your research while sourcing for the better options.
    • Compare the rates and availability between each banks and moneylender.
    • Do not rush into any contract binding loan agreement.

Approach us at your convenience, for a non-obligatory discussion.

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