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  • calendar5 June, 2020

Phase 1: Safe-reopening

  • Safe work

  • Safe home and community

  • Safe school

  • Safe care


Safe work:

Business that will start to operate includes:

 – Essential business

– Most manufacturing and production facilities (semi-conductors and medical technology)

– Most businesses with employees working in offices and setting that do not require interactions with large groups of people (finance, insurance, IT , info services)


Same home and community:

– House visits: each household will be allowed to visit their relatives staying elsewhere. However, each household should limit such visits to only one per day, with not more than 2 people from the visiting household.

– Marriage solemnisations: involving up to 10 persons will be allowed to take place in-person again

-Place of worship: can re-open for private worships, with up to 5 members of the same household praying together at any one time

-Wakes and funerals: families can gather for wakes and funerals, with no more than 10 people at any one time


Safe school

-Pre-schools and early intervention centres: K1 and K2: 2 Jun, N1 and N2 8 Jun, Infant care and Playgroup: 10 Jun

-Primary and Secondary School: alternate between school and HBL, odd week: PRI 4,5,6 + SEC 1,2,4,5, even week: PRI 1,2,3,6 + SEC 3,4,5

-JC and MI: half of the students will return to school at any one time, with priority giant o JC2 and Pre-U 3 students

– Institutes of Higher learning: Poly – HBL; ITE, Autonomous Uni (SIT, SUTD) – rotate between online and on-campus lessons. Students will return primarily for practical and lab sessions. Students from other Autonomous Uni will have their vacations

-Special Education (SPED) schools: students’ return will be staggered from 2 June, all will be back in school by 8 June. All students and staff will need to wear masks or face shield. CCAs, enrichment activities and tuition will not resume. Student care centres will fully re-open on 2 June. Along with the re-opening of schools


Safe Care:

-Healthcare services: specialist outpatient services, medical procedures, community-based services and chronic disease management will resume, prioritised based on medical necessity and available capacity while maintaining safe distancing and precautionary measures. Preventive health services and complementary health services (TCM) will recommence

-Senior services: Current measures will remain. However, senior activity centres will gradually resume in a safe and controlled manner.

-Community-based centre services: for persons with disabilities will also gradually re-open, with safe distancing measures in place. Staff are also required to take necessary precautions, including wearing masks, maintaining good personal hygiene. Activities will be held in smaller groups, and persons who have medical conditions are encouraged to remain at home to receive home-based support.


Phase 2: Safe Transition – almost the whole economy will re-open, with safe measurements being in place.

-Retail, F&B and other services: Most businesses will be allowed to resume, with limitations such as group size and capacity in placed. Sports and other public facilities will be opened too

-Social interactions and family visits: Masks will remain compulsory, small-group gatherings of up to 5 people will be allowed. Households will be allowed to receive 5 visitors per day. To support seniors and their caregivers, more senior activities and programmes will resume with appropriate safe measures in place

-Schools: will fully from end-June, while Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) will gradually increase the number back on campus at any one time

-The government will be engaging with higher-risk activities, such as cultural venues, entertainment venues and large-scale events, on how and when they may resume safely.


Phase 3: Safe Nation – new normal fro Singapore until a vaccine or treatment is developed

-Higher-risk activities would have resumed, with gathering sizes limited in order to prevent large clusters

-Seniors would be able to resume day-to-day activities, while practicing safe distancing measures as well as avoiding peak period travel, crowded places and large groups.

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