Reasons to consider debt consolidation loan

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  • calendar17 July, 2020

Why should I consider a debt consolidation loan?  A simple reason is that, its easier for us to manage our monthly expenses. All services will come under one single bill, with one payment due date.

Sometimes it’s good to have just one, rather than a few. A simple example,  we may sign up a bundle deal under one telco company. And the bundle includes our home landline, fibre and even TV channels.

Now, let’s talk about personal loan from licensed moneylender. Imagine this, a scenario that you have to take up three personal loans from three separate moneylenders in Singapore.

For example:

You applied for a personal loan from Moneylender A, $2,000, with a 5 months instalment plan.

After a month or so, you realised that you are in need of extra funds for education fees. It will be due in 3 days, and you decided to take a second loan from Lender B . A $2,500 personal loan, with a 4 months instalment plan.

Two months later, and you have decided to take a third loan as its a public holiday and you require some cash for family holiday expenses.  A third personal loan of $1,500 taken from Lender C with a 4 months instalment plan

Assuming that all these monthly loans falls on different days of the month. The first loan due on the 17th, the second loan due on 21st, and the third loan on 28th.

Out of good repayment habit, you might have to place three different reminders on your handphone’s calendar to remind yourself of the due dates. You might even receive general reminder messages from the moneylender on the day itself or one business day prior, reminding you that your payment is due.

And now comes to the advantages of taking one loan rather than three personal loans.

Rather than having to keep track of the different loans, making different payments to different entities at different places. It would be a hassle free experience to have a debt consolidation loan with Aero Credit Pte Ltd.

One date, One place, it’s that simple.

To know more information on debt consolidation loan, please click here.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-obligation enquiry.

We always encourage customers only take the loan amount within repayment abilities.

Let’s us plan together with you, for a better life style, a healthier finance cash flow and a easier repayment plan.

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