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Bridging loans are loans in Singapore with a short repayment duration that assists you to bridge the gap between disposing off an asset (like a house or property or goods) and acquiring another asset.

You might be expecting to conclude a sale of an asset and use the proceeds to buy another asset. However, your funds might not be ready or available when the date to buy the asset comes up. In such a scenario, you need money to buy the asset rightaway while waiting for your own source of funds to make the money available to you. This is where a monthly instalment loan from our moneylending office in Singapore can help.

Property Bridging Loan in Singapore

In such situations, Aero Credit provides a bridging loan to help you cover that waiting period or cash-interval. As a legal licensed moneylender in Singapore, we aim to help lighten the load. This type of property bridging loan is also useful in small business environments in Singapore to bridge the settlement period between accounts that are payable and accounts that are receivable.

To obtain bridging loans at our company in Singapore, we will usually require you to persuade us that you have funds incoming or on temporary hold as we can then be assured that you will be able to repay on time and in full. We might also ask you to show us how you plan to manage the repayments if the expected source of funds does not turn out to be as reliable as you thought.

Need some assistance to bridge a gap between disposing of an asset and acquiring another asset? Our Bridging Loans Singapore can help you when you are stuck in a sticky situation like this. Our property bridging loans Singapore offered to have a short repayment duration and help when you find yourselves in situations where you are in need of cash when you’re in the middle of selling off your old property or goods before acquiring another one.

Our property bridging loan in Singapore can help you cover the purchase of your new asset when the funds that you are planning to use from the sale of your old asset is being tied up when the date to buy the new asset comes up. Our loan monthly installment can help to provide a bridge to cover that period or cash-interval, allowing you to buy the new asset right away while you wait for your own source of funds to be available.

These situations might be stressful and daunting for many but Aero Credit is here to offer fuss-free and smart cash solutions to our customers. To get them out of this sticky situation, we help to lighten the load by offering a property bridging loans in Singapore which is very helpful and effective in small business environments in Singapore to help bridge the settlement period between payable and receivable accounts.

To apply for a bridging loan from Aero Credit, we would need some credentials and proof that you have incoming funds or funds that are being tied down by your current asset that is temporarily on hold. we would require a few verification checks as well as proof that you can make safe and manageable loan monthly installment.

As an experienced private money lender in Singapore, our staff consist of experienced and well-trained professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest possible levels of confidentiality and service. We also manage property bridging loan with extra care. Your bridging loan concerns will be heard and resolved by our team which strive towards addressing regarding property bridging loan & monthly installment in a professional and considerate manner. For more information about bridging loans, to enquire about monthly installment and your eligibility for applying for a loan, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly and helpful staff.

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How to apply for a monthly instalment bridging loan

Should you have any questions about acquiring a property bridging loan, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team in Singapore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A bridging loan is a short-term loan from a bank that you can use to “bridge” the gap between the time when you need to make the down payment on your new home to when you receive the money from the sale of your old home.

Aero Credit offers a bridging loan to help you get through that time of waiting or cash-flow gap. We seek to lighten the load as a legitimate licenced moneylender in Singapore. This form of property bridging loan is especially useful in Singapore’s small business environment to bridge the settlement interval between payable and receivable accounts.

When you’re in a tight spot like this, our Singapore bridging loans can come in handy. Our property bridging loans Singapore come with a short repayment period and might help you when you’re in need of cash while selling your old house or commodities and buying a new one. Our loan monthly instalments can serve as a bridge to replace that time or cash-flow gap, allowing you to purchase the new asset right away while you wait for your own funds to arrive.