A consolidation loan allows you to better manage your existing loans by allowing you to consolidate your currently outstanding loans into a single loan with Aero Credit.

For instance, let us assume that you have taken three loans from three separate lenders and that those three loans are still open. Rather than be bothered thrice a month to keep track of the different loans and make different payments to different entities at different places, it would be far easier for you to obtain a loan from Aero Credit to close your three scattered loan accounts and then service only this one loan from us.

This type of consolidation could be used to close credit card outstandings or other dues where a repayment is due periodically. Servicing a single loan from Aero Credit would bring you much relief from having to manage an irregularly spaced repayment schedule and juggle different rates, tenures and locations.

We at Aero Credit would be happy to assist you to check if you are eligible for a consolidation loan. Typically, what we would need to determine your eligibility is persuasive information that you have the means or the regular income to support the repayment of the consolidation loan.

How to apply for a Consolidation Loan

Online Enquiry

Very often, it is only when you reach the bank or meet a lender that you are told your credit rating is not good enough for a loan. That can be immensely frustrating when your need for additional cash or extra funds is urgent. Use our Online Enquiry service to find out if you are eligible for a loan — it is easy, and it is fast.