What Are The Charges of Monthly Instalments Loan?

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  • calendar9 September, 2020

A monthly instalment loan from a licensed moneylender is a quick and reasonable choice when you need to pay for something urgently or when you are facing an unexpected spike in your expenses.

At Aero Credit, a reputable and licensed moneylender here for you. We are ready to provide monthly instalments loan which might help you navigate such emergencies promptly and safely.

As experienced personal loan moneylender, we understand that situations like these are common:

Sometimes we need to prepare extra cash for festivals or vacations.

Sometimes we need to set aside cash for domestic bills – e.g., hospital bills, phone bills, rental, monthly installments on home loan.

If you are facing one of these types of situations or some similar cash-flow issue, we invite you to share your issue with us and allow us to assist you to our best abilities.

Here are the charges when take up a personal loan from a licensed money lender:

  • Admin fee: 10% 

Upon loan approval, there is a one time admin fee which will be deducted direct from the loan disbursement.

  • Interest: no more than 4%  

At Aero Credit, our interest rate is 3.92% per month, the interest is calculated base on the outstanding principal amount.

Like other personal loan from bank or car hire purchase loan from a finance company, there are late charges when the payment is overdue. Therefore, it’s important to pay the monthly instalments on time to avoid incurring late payment fees and late interest.

  • Late fee: $60 per month 
  • Late Interest: no more than 4%  

If you would like to know more about monthly instalment loan from a licensed moneylender, please click FAQ.

Alternatively, you may drop us a call or click on the chat icon Aerocredit Pte Ltd for a non-obligation discussion.

Online Enquiry

Very often, it is only when you reach the bank or meet a lender that you are told your credit rating is not good enough for a loan. That can be immensely frustrating when your need for additional cash or extra funds is urgent. Use our Online Enquiry service to find out if you are eligible for a loan — it is easy, and it is fast.